Plugged & Abandoned

A Semi-Professional Memoir:

My Epic Failure to Achieve Self-Actualization after 40 Years of Reservoir Engineering in the Oil and Gas Industry.

This humorous memoir takes the reader on a completely unnecessary journey through the author’s 40-year struggle to transcend his career as a petroleum reservoir engineer and Become Something Moore. The easy-to-read essays and short stories include a variety of fun topics, including:

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Horrifying tales from the Heart of Presentation Darkness

How poor communication can also be great entertainment

Way too many examples of Professionals Behaving Badly

How to make a urologist laugh

Proper spit-cup etiquette in a corporate setting

The complete list of Moore’s Laws

Why snatching that new chair from the empty cubicle down the hall is a really bad idea

The Self-Actualization Dream Team Cocktail Party

The risks of playing handball with your supervisor

How to train your reservoir monkey

Illustrated with more than 43 pictures and silly sketches, Plugged & Abandoned will make you feel better about yourself and your career.