Weekend Saving Time

This weekend we must all – except the fiercely independent folks of Arizona and Hawaii and a couple of other places – Spring Forward with boundless enthusiasm for savoring more of the glorious illumination provided by our favorite sun during warm summer months.

Sunday morning 2am becomes 3am, and just a few months later 2am jumps back to 1am as civilization decides daylight is no longer worth saving. The adjustment time of 2am was supposedly selected to minimize disruption in key life areas, like airline flights, workplace schedules, and early morning donut deliveries.

It’s time for a change! I have a proposal that I believe will provide a small amount of joy to the multitude of working folks who toil during typical 8-to-5 weekdays.

Blow off the Sunday morning thing completely. I want to replace Daylight Saving Time with Weekend Saving Time.

Let’s spring forward at 4pm Friday afternoon, get a head start on our weekend and enjoy that additional hour of daylight immediately that night.

And in the fall, we’ll roll back one hour on Monday morning at 8am. Everyone gets to enjoy an extra hour of weekend before starting their work week.

“But Steve!” you say, “this will cause massive confusion at the airports, and airline companies will have to deal with vast mobs of frustrated passengers!”

An excellent point, and an unexpected bonus upside to the Plan. I’ve flown dozens of times and can’t think of another industry more deserving of a little payback. (I once counted the number of peanuts in the tiny bag I received from Southwest Airlines: 6. No, really. I counted them twice to be sure. I balanced them on my knees which were scrunched up to eye level.)

“What about all those companies that will lose one hour of Friday afternoon work per employee every year? Won’t that bring about a horrific Economic Apocalypse? The likes of which the world has never experienced?”


They’ll pass the costs right along to the consumer, as always. No worries.

Gotta go now, it’s beer o’clock, WST.