A Fortune of Reversal

“Today was Bob’s ninety-first birthday, and he was fifty-seven years old.”

The leaving-of-age story of Robert Dodd, who at age seventy-eight discovered he had stopped aging and was growing younger every day.

After medical science confirmed his “condition” and the news was made public, Bob reluctantly endured the significant drama that accompanied his fifteen minutes of world-wide fame as “The Most Intriguing Man on the Planet.”

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Seventeen years after the Reversal, Bob is grateful to be mostly forgotten but he is also bored. Living as though there is always a tomorrow is great if you have a minimum level of zest for life, otherwise it can be a bit tedious.

Confrontations with “fidiots” behaving badly and a series of embarrassing paranormal flashbacks convinces Bob to steer into the skid and accept reality: he could live another fifty-plus years, growing younger all the while. Time to shake things up. Inspired by a 1990s television sitcom, Bob adopts a new life strategy and travels to Las Vegas with his best friend, One-Eyed Jack.

Then things start to get weird…

Note: this book contains adult themes and language